Feeling Small

A lot has happened since Sedona.

After my amazing time in the canyons of Sedona, I traveled to northern Arizona where I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time.  Shortly after meeting Ashley in Sedona, we realized we both happened to be traveling north to see the Grand Canyon the following day, so we decided to do it together.  So the next day, Ashley, her sister Nicole and I rented bikes and rode around the south rim of the canyon.

I think what makes the Grand Canyon such a phenomenal sight is its ability to appear as an illusion despite its vastness.  My mind had a difficult time processing the depth and width of the canyon and I couldn’t snap out of thinking I was looking at a huge painting.  There is truly nothing quite like standing on a trail in the Grand Canyon to make you feel small.

On a different note, riding bikes around the canyon made me feel a sense of empowerment.  The contrast of being so small next to the captivating canyon beside me sparked my adrenaline and I felt powerful on this tiny bike.  I had the ability to look beside me on our bike ride at the enormous canyon and feel so incredibly fulfilled to be alive.  I felt so small, yet so incredibly present.

There are so many unknowns in this life, so many random chances of what is going to happen next, and riding next to that canyon I felt the odds in my favor.  The fact that I have the ability to ride a bike next to the Grand Canyon makes me feel lucky.








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