Sedona Side Story

I wanted to write about this because I think it is such a beautiful part of my time in Sedona.

After the hike to Boynton Canyon I decided to go into one of the shops in the town of Sedona.  I made my way into a shop called “The Magical Bazaar.”  All the titles of the shops in Sedona had something to do with magic or healing in the name.

After looking around for a few moments at the books and healing crystals they had in the store, I noticed another girl standing arms length away from me looking at a stone for grieving.  I decided to strike up a conversation with her and ask her where she was from.

“I’m from Nashville, my sister and I are just on a road trip of the southwest together.  My husband died suddenly in January so we decided to do this road trip to see some beautiful sights and spend some quality time together.”

I immediately felt as though I was supposed to meet her for a reason.  I told her about my road trip and Kelly and my reason for doing it and we immediately hugged stood there for a few moments in disbelief.

It’s not every day that I am able to talk in detail about what how it feels to lose someone you love so suddenly.  She understood everything I said so intimately and shared some things that I had been feeling as well but wasn’t able to voice or put into any logical sense.


I truly believe that if we are following our hearts and listening to our intuition, we will be lead to where we are supposed to be at the right time.

Meeting Ashley felt like the last piece to the puzzle of my amazing time in Sedona.  My heart is so full.


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