A Poem instead of a Blog Post, today…

It’s like sitting down in front of a piano – so many possibilities waiting to be played out.

But this love isn’t merely the anticipation of a beautiful song – it is the act of getting lost in that song.

The feeling of allowing the music to move through you and out the tips of your fingers to loose track of time and to become the song…

To fully engage yourself in its every note

To experience the song as it glides through your every bone

As it awakens every cell in your entire body

And begins to pulsate

Just at the edges of your lungs

Daring you to stop breathing

Begging you to start singing

And just as you open your eyes

To play the last verse

You are somehow different, you are somehow restored

It’s as if the song cleansed your soul and brought new light to your spirit

And you will never be the same

Because now that the song has moved through you, there are remnants of its beauty speckled throughout your being

And even though you can’t see them they come alive when you aren’t looking

They come alive and they speak to you to remind you of a time when you felt whole

To remind you of a time when you felt awakened

That is what this love –

Our love –

Your love –

Feels like.


One Comment Add yours

  1. I love your poem! I’ve only been in Austin for a year, but I would love to visit this bridge!


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